How would you make downtown streets more bike friendly?

The Ada County Highway District is embarking on a process to transform downtown roadways, resulting in a grid with more two-way streets and a range of safer choices for pedestrians and cyclists. There are quite simply too many one-way corridors downtown, which at times has been an impediment to a more bike-friendly city. Cyclists often face the choice of either taking to the sidewalk (which annoys pedestrians) or riding against the flow of traffic (which endangers the rider). Improvements like bike boulevards and mini-roundabouts are also on the table.

To kick off the effort ACHD is hosting an open house Wednesday, February 13, to share preliminary plans and collect community input. We can’t emphasize how important events like this one are to having a say in what eventually gets done. Right now ACHD is all ears, but like any project, the further it rolls ahead the harder it is to introduce new ideas. Bring your ideas to the second floor of the US Bank building on the SW corner of Main and Capitol from 5:30 to 8:30p. Learn more at the ACHD’s project page.


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