About the Ada County Bicycle Counts

Counting bicycle traffic in Ada County was taken over in the fall of 2011 by the Ada Bike Alliance. This group no longer exists, essentially, but several of its volunteers have stuck around to continue organizing future bike traffic counts.

The Idaho Pedestrian and Bicycle Alliance nurtured the formation of the Ada Bike Alliance (ABA) to address under-served needs among Ada County cyclists and cycling organizations: advocacy, visibility, unity. The ABA is currently a self-governing collection of intentional volunteers without any legal organization or non-profit status of its own.

What do we want?

The ABA identifies the common cause that unites all cyclists, reaches out to organizations with shared interests and complimentary abilities, and advocates for cycling’s role within a broader framework of smart, safe and healthy transportation choices. As an independent, non-governmental organization, the ADA is in a unique position to strengthen the foundation on which lasting change will be built.

How do we intend to do it?

The ABA captures and focuses the enthusiasm and abilities of talented individuals willing to work for positive, long-term improvements that benefit cyclists. The ABA uses its independent status to identify, organize, and motivate citizens to overcome long-standing barriers to creating a cycling infrastructure and culture worthy of our unique community.

Why this project?

Better collection of bike traffic data helps us better understand non-motorized use of our roads and pathways, improve the discourse of policy makers, and successfully attract more funding and support for beneficial programs. Additionally, by creating meaningful and substantial ways for volunteers to contribute to positive change, the ABA strengthens the broader cycling community, helps local bike organizations meet their objectives, and improves the quality of life in and around Boise.


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